Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 25, 2009

Hey y'all! I am sorry I have not posted in so long. ALOT going on in my household lately! But, I think that is just like for basically everyone in 2009. As far as the shrinking-after months of working out and behaving myself, my body still refuses to budge and give up a single pound. So, I just did another round of doctor visits, and have finally gotten the diagnosis that the extreme anemia has gotten to the point that a partial hysterectomy is in order. This will alleviate the blood loss, get my iron levels back up, get more oxygen moving through my body and hopefully get my metabolism fired up again. Supposedly, my body has to work too hard to burn anything with my blood oxygen levels the way they are. We'll see. Crossing my fingers and praying real hard that something works!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shrinking -April 29

I lost another whopping ONE pound this week!

Whoooo Hoooooo!

So, here is my picture for this week. I apologize about not posting one last week-that was the day that I got the referral to the cancer center and had a meltdown. I am much, much better now and I thank you all so much for the encouraging words and prayers. Y'all are just AWESOME!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28th Projects

These are a few projects I made with a new paper/stickease set from CTMH called "Bella". I love the colors in this collection. I made a notecard box filled with very simple all occasion notecards and some "2-4-6-8" treat bags. I used the stickease on one of them and stamped images on the other. I also had to make another card with my "Life's a Beach" cartridge. This is for a boy's birthday. TFL!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Artwork for April 16th.

Here are two projects I worked on this week. The first is a treat box I made with my Wildcard cartridge and Life's a Beach cartridge. I think it is so cute! The next is a altered chipboard cube from Close to My Heart. I also used Close to My Heart's Unforgettable papers, rub ons, and die-cut stickers. I am going to give it to my mom for Mother's Day. This week I also got my CTMH website up, and you can visit it at http://www.kristalovestostamp.myctmh.com/ . I did not set it up for customers to online shop there because I cannot give you a discount that way. If you would like a catalog or to place an order, email me at moodybluez116@aol.com for a 10% off discount on every order!

Shrinking-April 16th

Ok, I only lost one pound this week. Given that this past week was Easter and I ate several chocolate eggs, one chocolate bunny and a fairly nice sized piece of Key Lime pie, I can't complain. I have started incoporating the P90X workout program into my routine every other day along with the treadmill, so even though I only lost one pound, this morning I could fit into a pair of capris that two weeks ago I couldn't. I still have a long way to go, and will have to cut back on the chocolate.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9th Projects

I got my shipment in from CTMH (my first order I have placed in over a year) and I am having such a great time playing with all of my new stuff! These cards and the purse are done with the Unforgettable papers and coordinating stamp sets from CTMH. I used the Cricut to cut out the purse. I love it when I can combine my favorite crafting tools. I have a hard time coming up with great card ideas on my own, so I got my inspiration from the Originals book. Just LOVE that book! The cards and purse are part of a gift set that I am working on. TFL! Have a great weekend!

Week 2

I lost two pounds this week. Two pounds is two pounds, but after my first week, four pounds was a little bit of a let down! But, 6 pounds in two weeks is a good, right? To be honest, I was not as diligent in watching my diet last week, but now that I have had my little wake up call, I am sure to do better this week. It wasn't that I was BAD, just not as careful. I can do better. I can always do better. It just gets so frustrating when you feel like you are denying yourself something that you love (like chocolate) and in that moment, at the peak of irritation with the whole "dieting" thing, I always have to ask myself if it is really worth it. And of course it is, and will be worth it when I reach my goal and I feel better about myself. Here is my pic for this week. I sure don't feel like I look like I have dropped 6 pounds, but am happy about it none the less. Yes, I got a little crazy with the highlights-I am platinum blonde again, and am waaaay due for a haircut.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


There is no one here to take my Week 1 picture right now (not sure if you can tell the four pounds are gone or not...lol) but I will post a pic when dh gets home to take one for me! Have a great day.

Projects for April 1

Here are some cards and an Easter project I made this week. I got the idea for the carrot off of the Cricut site. I am making several of these as treats for my kids, nieces and nephews. The spiral pop-up card is made with a fun stamp set from CTMH called "You Rock", and the diorama card is from a cute design I saw on a YouTube video. I used the "Reach for the Stars" stamp set for the diorama card, and I cut the circle and scallop frame with my Cricut. I had really forgotten how much fun it is to be creative!

Week 1

Progress! I lost 4 lbs this week! I was on the treadmill for 5 out of 7 days. By the end of the week I was actually looking forward to my time on the treadmill. My energy level is definitely up a little bit and that is encouraging. I started taking my laptop down to the exercise room with me. I set it up on a high shelf by the treadmill and started watching cardmaking and scrapbooking videos on YouTube while I walk. It really makes the time go faster (I am up to 40 minutes now) and I am finding some really inspiring ideas and new techniques to try.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Projects for March 25

This is a cute pop-up card and an adorable strawberry treat box.

The card is made with CTMH products. The stamp set I used is "Happy Endings" and I just love it!

The treat box is cut on the Cricut Expression with DCWV cardstock. I used the strawberry from the Hello Kitty cartridge. I think they came out great! TFL

Day One

Here is the BEFORE pic. This is me at (gulp) 180 pounds. Not happy about it at all, as you can see!

I am going to exercise like crazy this week, take my meds, and hopefully by next week there will be just a little bit less of me.

Today is a new day!

I never thought I would end up blogging such a personal thing as a weight loss journey. Actually, I never thought I would end up blogging anything at all. But, lots of things have happened in the past two years that have become the catalyst for a whole bunch of changes in my life, and most of those changes have not been positive ones. Life has become an uninteresting, frustrating and lonely road through my time span here on earth-especially in the last 10 months. I won't bore you with all the details, but over the course of 2 years we adopted a baby girl from China, 7 months later my step-father died of complications from leukemia 2 weeks after he was diagnosed, 4 months later HIS father died unexpectedly, 3 months after that my 16 cousin was found dead in his bed of a drug overdose, and 6 months after that, my other grandfather died over Christmas. In the past ten months I, who have never had a weight problem, have gained 22 pounds and can no longer fit into any of my clothes. It has affected me mentally, physically, socially, and hurt my relationships with family members. I am sick to death of being tired, depressed, and embarrassed to go out in public. I saw my doctor on Monday, and hopefully with what I discussed with him and a new prescription for iron ( I am severely anaemic) I can get my energy level up, my weight back down, and get myself out of this rut I have been in. I invite you to follow my journey if you'd like. Encouragement and understanding from others is always a good thing. I am putting myself and my sanity back on my priority list. I want my confidence and my life back. Perhaps if I do it right, I can help inspire someone else to do the same. I am going to post my weekly weigh in, as well as a weekly stamp/papercraft project. This was something I loved to do and gave up on as well. I am a CTMH consultant, and am really looking forward into getting back into the swing of things! God bless!